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06-10-2012, 11:04:PM
Hi, I am trying to integrate Arabic commentary into the pc version but im facing an annoying problem because the files im adding into the data7.big file cant be recognized cuz i dont know the appropriate way to put these 5 files inside /speechdata/ara_sa :

all tutorials recommends that i must put these files inside /game folder but then they have never been visible when i try to regenrate these files from fhl-bh-editor i cant tick/untick these files because its not even there.

the question here how can i stuff these bloody 5 files to the "arabic_saudi arabia" folder ?? im trying to understand the plot here but i gotta be missing the most important info that i hope someone might be able to help me with and btw i edited the local.ini and added ara_sa to the commentary languages and tried to import the files with a program named finalbig.exe but still its not in the right folder just scattered all over the data7.big file thus when i choose the arabic commentary and press start match the game instantly crashes many users have tried to help me but i still had no luck in solving this issue of course their help is totally appreciated. thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.

Fidel Gameplay
07-10-2012, 11:29:AM
Hello, download my total commentary patch, copy my data7.big and bh to \Game folder.
Now your game are able to read multi commentary + this important file (needed to function properly arabic commentary): loadfile_ara_sa.xml.

In my data7 are not included these files:

..but I understand that you did you get these files from xbox360 (ps3 files don't work on pc).

All info about arabic commentary files implementations on fifa13 pc:


<LoadXml path="audiodata/moduledefs/commentaryspeechmoduledef.xml" />

<LoadBinary module="CommentarySpeech" path="audiodata/speechdata/commentary_eventsystem.bin"/>
<LoadBinary module="CommentarySpeech" path="audiodata/speechdata/ara_sa/commentary_graffitiruntime.bin" Guid="ARA1"/>
<LoadBinary module="CommentarySpeech" path="audiodata/speechdata/ara_sa/commentary_repetitionpools.bin"/>
<LoadBinary module="CommentarySpeech" path="audiodata/speechdata/ara_sa/commentary_sentences.bin"/>
<LoadBinary module="CommentarySpeech" path="audiodata/speechdata/ara_sa/keyworddatabase.bin"/>
<!-- <LoadXml path="audiodata/speechdata/ara_sa/commentary_pickups.xml" /> -->

<Module type="SpeechModule" name="CommentarySpeech">
<SampleBank bankPath="audiodata/speechdata/ara_sa/ara_sa.sbr" streamPath="audiodata/speechdata/ara_sa/"/>

<PostLoad moduleName="CommentarySpeech"/>


Obtain all the files, and put these on \Game folder and respect all streamPath folders/files.
(audiodata folder must be put into\Game folder).

Regeneration ins't required, cause fifa 13 read new commentary into folder in automatic.

Now enable arabic commentary by editing in locale.ini.

Also I have seen into the fifa13 exe file and I think it read ara_sa files.

Start fifa and create a new profile.

Anyway good luck (you have to hope that the exe read all the ara files).


08-10-2012, 12:21:AM
Thanks brother Fidel for the quick reply and values
Special files were sent in letters to Private Messages
Continued Private Messages
Help you will run commentary and Arab lists for FIFA 13
Oh legend amendments FIFA
And Gary raise own ara_sa.big and file Xbox 360
In waiting for you, my dear friend,

08-10-2012, 10:54:AM
hello fantom hope you have good luck in implementing Arabic comment. for PC, but a quick hint you should work on xbox360 files not ps3 files as the latter cant work on pc

10-10-2012, 11:05:PM
I did the Arab commentary in FIFA 13 and worked

But the problem.
Is that I hear everything in suspension within the game except Asami people uniforms Messi and Ronaldo, other ..
and anyone within the game

speake name only Luis Garcia and the rest of the people shut up!!
Any player
But the rest of the beautiful operate efficiently
I want a solution to this problem
I want to understand What is the cause of the problem in not pronounce the name of the players
In wait

11-10-2012, 06:21:AM
tested Swedish commentary from PS3 and doesn't work.