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Adios, Leo!

Written by on Wednesday, 3 August 201115 Comments

Over the past four years Pro Evolution Soccer has been all about Leo Messi. Press releases would feature his name, events would feature his videos and the man himself would even appear for occasional demonstrations. But all that is about to change, as Konami has released some chilling news:

“With PES moving ever upwards, it is time for an equally high profile and skilled cover star. The new player has all the attributes of the new game, in that he is a strong all-rounder, skillful, fast, and capable of making magic happen on-field.”

…which is funny, because I thought all of those points applied to the man who has won the Ballon d’Or two years in a row. Still, it seems that Konami are going with a change of pace (or possibly couldn’t afford his undoubtedly ridiculous sponsorship fees) and are backing a new person to be the cover star of Pro Evo. Who? Well, we can rule out a few names.

EA have already told us who they’re putting on the covers of each region’s FIFA outing this year. Unsurprisingly, Wayne sits angrily on the UK cover once again, but perhaps shockingly he’s joined by a young Jack Wilshere.

It actually does make sense if you think about it. Wilshere was the proud recipient of the PFA Young Player of the Year award, so it’s not unreasonable to put him on the cover alongside Rooney. Over countries have equally impressive names, all of which we can assume are tied to exclusivity agreements. These include Kaka, Mexes, Benzema, Pazzini, Pique, Xabi Alonso, Humels, Cahill and more. None of these guys will be sat on the cover of Pro Evo 2012.

So who does that leave? Well, a number of high-profile names are left out. Obviously there is Cristiano Ronaldo, who previously featured on the cover of PES four years ago. Other options, such as the runner-ups to the Ballon d’Or, are Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. But this blogger has a sneaking suspicion that Konami are going to go with Chelsea’s £50million flop Fernando Torres.

So who do you think Konami are going to put on the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.