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Reminder: FIFA 12 Ultimate Team starts in less than 24 hours!!

Written by on Monday, 19 September 201115 Comments

With every year, EA have released their Ultimate Team expansion package earlier and earlier. This year, for the first time ever, you have the chance to play Ultimate Team before the game itself is even released.

Ultimate Team, for those uninitiated, is a mix between trading cards and FIFA. You can buy/sell players, hopefully buying low and selling high for a profit, as well as purchasing ‘packs’ of cards in order to flesh out your team. Buying packs is generally regarded as a good way to waste money, though on occasion you may end up with a good player out of it. The main reason to buy packs is for the chance to get a Team of the Week (hereafter TOTW) player for your squad which, of course, you can play with once FIFA 12 is finally released.

Cleverly, EA have set up a few incentives to try and get more people trying out FUT 12 early. The things that are exclusive to the returning FUT player, described by the official website as one who created his team “before Aug 16, 2011”, are:

-2 free packs;

-2 Team of the Weeks, 1 available on September 20th only;

-Daily gifts of coins, bid tokens or packs;

-Competitions for over 500,000 coins.

A reasonable incentive, especially considering that the app is free to play… it just costs when you decide to spend a silly amount on packs. The TOTW available only on September 20th has already been announced, and can be found at this link. There are some good players there and it’s worth checking out – the best of the bunch seem to be upgraded versions of Rooney (90>92), Gomez (86-88) and Aguero (86-88), all of whom will fetch a high price if sold at any point during the season.

Remember, FUT12 begins at 5pm GMT. Simply log on to and, as long as you joined FUT before August 16th, you’ll be able to get lots of freebies. Of course, the only way you’ll be able to buy some of those TOTW packs is if you’ve got some coins saved up… or are willing to part with a bit of cash. Good luck out there and don’t spend all of your wages at once.