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FIFA 13 – The Sales are in

Written by on Sunday, 25 November 20123 Comments

Pre Christmas sale figures are always pleasing for gaming companies. Unlike some franchises, which may release sporadically or once every two years, it is alot easier to judge year on year sales for Football games, as the titles release a similar time each year. It is also worth remembering that gaming sales are spread among multiple formats and consoles and therefore sometimes huge numbers may be in part due to digital downloads or even mobile based versions of the title.

With that said, FIFA 13 has been a huge commercial success once again. Flying to the top of the UK sales charts in October, the game shifted a scary 4.5 million units within the first five days. This increased to 7.4 million units within the first calendar month, based on United Kingdom figures alone! Undoubtedly impressive stuff.

PES figures are less well known. After last year, whereby FIFA 13 slaughtered PES by sales of 25-1 in terms of units, it has been a much more conservative approach for Konami. Very little information has been released about Pro Evolution Soccer’s performances within the UK gaming market. Reliable Soccer Gaming sources report that in the first week, PES shifted just over 34,000 units for the two mainstream consoles, with a further 13,000 going in week two. Far less of a coupe.

Perhaps this is the reason why Konami have been so coy. Perhaps the fact that releasing the game the same day as mainstream franchises such as Borderlands 2 (the PC version alone sold as many as PES 2013 globally) and F1 2012 (as well as a piece of technology called the iPhone 5!) might have influenced the figures. Perhaps that gamers didn’t buy into the hype, and perhaps the well timed release of a FIFA 13 Demo did enough to support brand loyalty in an environment which is oh so fickle.

Of course, better sales do not necessarily mean a better game, and for all the fans who love PES 2013, the figures will add little more than fuel to the under dog fire currently burning at Konami. From a gamin point of view though, and as we enter December, PES 2013 lies 54th in the sales chart for this week, whereas FIFA still sits 5th (UK Sales alone). This numbers need to change soon for Konami, otherwise, and worryingly for football gaming as a whole, the market may become a FIFA led monopoly!

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