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FIFA 13 – Custom Game Covers

Written by on Thursday, 29 November 201215 Comments

Just a quick one here. but we all love something that is customized. Whether it is a car on Need for Speed, a character on Grand Theft Auto or an entire level on LittlebigPlanet, the fact it that when things are unique for us as gamers, we are all over them.

Instead of being limited to the generic covers of FIFA’s gone by, EA Sports are quite happy to provide you with one of several custom covers for your game, which you can print out and replace the inner sleeve of your original copy. By clicking THIS LINK. you can get access to official FIFA covers (both 360 and PS3 versions) featuring players from either Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Manchester City, Newcastle and Tottenham. Simply fill the required information, download, print off and be the envy of all your friends (until they realize they can do it too)

However, if you support a team that is not one of these Premier League super powers, you may feel slightly left out. FIFA can’t realistically provide 92 covers can they for each of the English clubs. Then what about the foreign ones? Well, fortunately, the community has come together once again. the hard working guys at Club Covers ( have come up with a wealth of unofficial custom designed covers for your own personal pleasure. I have included one of my beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers below.

Make sure to check the sites out!