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Premier FIFA 13 Guide

Written by on Sunday, 27 January 20133 Comments

Okay, so by coming on this site chances are you are pretty into Soccer video games. Chances are you are pretty decent at them to. Either that or you want to improve. This is something I can heavily relate to, as with online gaming, there really is no hiding place! Gamers that once thought they were different class are finding out that there are thousands of players out there who can wipe the floor with them.

Enter the FIFA 13 Guide. Arguably the most successful soccer game of all time, FIFA 13 is a complicated and challenging beast. For every decent casual gamer who can comfortably win against the AI, there are hundreds of hardcore gamers, some devoid of girlfriends/boyfriend/kids/work that can out class and out play the majority of online gamers. Therefore, Joey Roth has collated a collection of tips an advice from some of the highest regarded FIFA gamers, and stuffed them all into one handy document.

The FIFA 13 guide provides tactical. technical and strategic advice, written in a manner that is easy to follow, and perhaps most importantly, in conversational English. The specialist PS3 and 360 guides have advice on controls (from basic to more advanced). As a seasoned gamer, I learnt two or three techniques here that have helped me personally, and without giving too much away, the graphical diagrams give you a fine example of when and where to use these moves.

Alongside the full PDF document, there are some bonus products included. Whilst these vary in quality, the fact remains that if you are a FIFA fan, chances are you will get something out of them. There are MP3 interviews with some of top FIFA gamers, a basic control handbook, an advanced skill moves tutorial, and an in depth guide to the Ultimate Team game mode.

At $19.99, the guide weighs in at a similar price to guides that can be purchased in stores, but being 100%, it allows gamers to have the true insight into tactics that work online, and is genuinely written by gamers for gamers.

If you would like to check out the guide yourself, as well as watch one of the cheesiest promotional videos I have ever seen, please follow the link. FIFA 13 GUIDE

Please note, Soccer Gaming is not part of the FIFA13 Guide Affiliate Program, and receive no money or compensation for promoting the document!