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FIFA 14 – Next Generation Metacritic Scores

Written by on Thursday, 5 December 2013126 Comments

The Next Generation is here. With X Box One a few weeks old, and PS4 having been available worldwide for nearly 7 days. EA Sports launch titre, FIFA 14 has been well and truly run through the mill by many gamers.

Whilst the game play and even the graphics still feel very similar to the PS3 and 360 offerings of the game, there is no denying a new polish and feel to the title that makes gamers mouths water with the potential of what the future will bring.

Metacritic’s scoring system has actually awarded PS4 a score that sees the game being the second highest score for a launch day title (87) on PS4, whereas the X Box One version received a score of 88, which takes it to be the highest rated game on the console to date! The scores, which actually eclipse the previous generations games, show promising dats forward for football gaming fans, as well as put pressure on Konami to produce a top quality football simulation in 2014