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FIFA 14 – Next Generation

Written by on Sunday, 15 December 20132 Comments

Okay, so here is the article that some people will be waiting for. For others, it may act as a massive spoiler. EA Sports, for the first time in history, used FIFA Soccer as a launch game for a console. FIFA 14, which had already been available of PS3, X Box 360 and numerous other formats, became available on day one for both X Box One and PS4, much to the delight of football gamers across the globe.

The concern was, as with many of the other last generation game ports, was the difference worth getting a new console for. I know that many gamers who visit this site will freely admit football games are their primary video games, and therefore spending £400 to play a similar game is both unnecessary and frustrating . At the same time, if FIFA 14 is that much further advanced, it is a must own for any fan of the genre.

The result is something in the middle. After one session on the new generation, the older console versions feel obsolete. Graphics are smoother animations flow much better and the game just feels more polished. Yes, you can still get the feeling you are playing the same game, but I would argue that FIFA 14 on the PS4 and X Box One is a bigger improvement than the last couple of FIFA games on the previous generation of consoles. I have attached a little footage of game play below (it’s not me playing!) and have supported this with 5 handy additions that hopefully justify my statement above.

YouTube Preview Image

1. Slicker Animations – Players movements flow much more realistically, due to more frames per second. This means animations such as shooting and tackling have more weight and actually look much more realistic. Collisions are now not as real looking because of this factor, however knowing EA Sports, the new animation system (the Ignite Engine) will build upon this in coming years

2. Graphical Paradise – Shots from outside the stadia make for a real match deal feel. Add the realistic crowd and players warming up on the sidelines, and you end up with a much better looking game.

3. It Doesn’t Stop – Ball goes out of play, and straight away a ball boy will throw a new ball in. Substitutions are now real time, meaning there is no need for the dated animations while the game loads. Even the dead ball animations keep the game flowing, and whilst they can be skipped, gamers will initially watch them just to absorb that in game feeling.

4. Real Replays – The replay camera angles and in game clips are much better than anything the franchise has seen before. During a break in play, replays will appear of great challenges or missed chances, with the commentators speaking about the event retrospectively.

5. Free Flowing – Updates and load screens really are a thing of the past. Yes, this is the power of the console as much as the game, but when playing offline, games can be started in less than 30 seconds from console boot up!

FIFA 14 is available for a multitude of consoles, most notably the X Box One and Playstation 4, ranging from £2.99 (iOS App) to £59.99