These are the Replays that were awarded the Best Goal Award

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Award Winning Replays


new2.gif (902 bytes)     DJFox

One 'strange' replay (not a goal, however) has the ball kicked into the left pole, bounces off, hits the right pole, then bounces out of the goal. The other two are goals from around 20-30 meters.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Antony Papadopoulos

Some nice indoor replays. A few good normal-play replays too. Includes highlights such as a 360 maneuver on the GK, as well as a couple other 'creative' ways to score a goal.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Fabiano Serafim

This guy doesn't take the easy goal... in this replay, the player slides the ball through the goal keeper's legs. Then, instead of nudging the ball in, he retreats, does a rainbow kick, then bicycle kicks it over the goal keepers head. The ball hits the crossbar and falls in.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Rosario

This replay is a free kick that is more like a 'free pass'. The ball is passed, and the player then retreats from the goal, just to pass it back.  Then a maneuver around one of the last defenders left, and a goal is scored into the top right corner of the goal.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Marco Calderan

In this zip, the replays are basic attacks that turned out to have some nice goals. Nothing too
complex, but still some nice replays.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Alfredo Villa

The best replay in this set is the first one, "Salas". The player is running, gets tripped up, regains control of the ball. Then he runs the other direction, and then kicks the ball with the inside of his foot, which then (the ball) flys into the top left corner of the goal, hits the bar, and bounces in.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Shaisass

This set of replays has 3 Rainbow Kick-Bicycle Kick goals. It has one chip. My favorite replay
in this set isn't a Bicycle Kick. It is just a player running, then shooting the ball from outside the bottom-left of the box, and the ball flys into the top-right corner of the goal.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Anders Trawén

This set has a replay that contains 3 goals in it (indoor game). It also contains some really strange bugs. It is in both: the strange goals and award winners sections, for the amazing bugs, as well as amazing plays. Very good set.  Definitely a worth-while download.   One of the bugs, for example, is in a shootout where the goalie isn't at one of the shootings (maybe he forgot?), but is at the next one, when his team is at defense again.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Francesco Spreafico

Probably one of the last stand-alone Bicycle replays I'm going to accept into the AW section. A ball is returned from midfield to someone towards the top of the screen (Tele Cam) and the ball is Bicycle Kicked from around the sideline, and soars into the goal, over the keepers arms.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Tamir Meiri

This replay has two 'long' goals (not at a normal range, compared to where I shoot, and where I've seen most replays shot at) in one replay. Sure, a number of us have done the 2 goals in 1 replay thing before, and that's what I thought at glance of the e-mail. But I like this replay because of the distance that was added to the 2 goals.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Zhengxiong

Superb set by Zhengxiong. Quite a few powerful shots from a distance. I like the replay 'Flick Keeper' the most... this collection is recommended for your viewing pleasure.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Mike K.

GREAT set of replays. One of my favorites. Replays include Midfield Goals, the general Good Play, and a play where a goalie accidentally knocks the ball into his own goal, when trying to block. If you're looking for a good set to download, this is highly suggested.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Paolo Alberton 2

A good set that includes a variety of goals. Penalties, Midfield, Bicycles, Headers, and more.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Paolo Alberton 1

A variety of goals. Most include footwork that guided the player around and over tackles and steals.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     SaNt0 2

Mostly diving headers. One replay, I can't quite tell whether the Indian or Jamaican team kicked the ball... it seems like their feet met right at the ball (the volley was then followed by a diving header).


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Pink

Half-back-kick puzzled me at first... the team was running in the wrong direction. But, then the ball was kicked from midfield and then a powerful bicycle kick sent it soaring into the back of the net.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Faruq Bin Muhd Akbar

Pretty good set of replays. A set that you won't see many like it. Tired of all the hyped replays, that are in every set (Bicycle Kicks, for example)?  I don't remember any in this set, but if there were, it's okay... the rest of the set is pretty original, when it comes to what people record and submit to FIFA 98 Online's replay section.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Benjamin Huang

Good set of replays. The first is a basic evasive maneuver on the goalie.  The second is a return-header from a goalie throwing the ball to his teammate. The third is a volley that is then Bicycle Kicked into the goal.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     SaNt0 1

These 2 replays are both of indoor games. SaNt0 managed to do a bicycle kick on a low flying ball, in indoor mode.


new2.gif (902 bytes)     Shlomi Gelbendorf

Pretty good set of replays.  The one that I liked the most was called "AIIIRRRRRR!" which has a short attack on a goal, then the ball is punted to the other side of the field, where it is volleyed back and a Bicycle Kick catches the surprise of a goalie that was waiting to catch the ball.

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