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Football Manager 2011 Announced

Written by on Thursday, 2 September 201010 Comments

Again, far from a shock, but Sega have announced the release of this year;s instalement of their exceptionally popular management franchise, creatively titled Football Manager 2011. I am personally a huge fan of the franchise, and am delighted to hear that, as with every year, the team are trying to add new features in order to bring depth to the game as opposed to just churn out the same version with a new skin and updated database.

Soccer Gaming is hoping to have an official Football Manager correspondant in the next couple of weeks but until that occurs, some of the features you can expect to see in FM 2011 include:

  • Real Time Contract Negotiations With Players
  • A More Hands On Approach Using Player Agents
  • Improved Interaction With Your Board, Staff & Players
  • New Training Modes Including A Featured Dubbed ‘Match Preperation;
  • Improved 3D Match Engine Including New Stadiums, 100+ New Animations & Floodlit Night Matches

More features will be announced closer to the time, but very snazzy official website can be vistted by clicking the link, and whilst not particularly lending itself to live video action, their is a brieft announcement video highlighting some of the features on that main page.