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Football Manager Stole My Life

Written by on Friday, 8 February 20132 Comments

“It’s The Best Game I Have ever Played. It Is A Game, Isn’t It?” -Robbie Williams

Having grown up over the past 20 years with Football Manager etched into my daily life, it is almost reassuring to know that there are thousands upon thousands of individuals who have shared my join, my pain, my trials and tribulations of virtual football management. Ian MacIntosh’s Football Manager Stole My Life is a excellent read, speaking to celebrity FM fans, recalling real world tales of Football Manager drama and even finding out the whereabouts of some of the games most famous virtual names!

The Press release reads as follows-

Football Manager Stole My Life lifts the lid on the cult of Football Manager (FM). It is an easy-to-read, highly illustrated, light-hearted guide to the game s lasting impact on popular culture. We hear from the gamers whose lives have been taken over by FM, a game cited in 35 divorce cases in the UK. There are interviews with the players who become world beaters in the game, but in real life never make the big leagues. The incredible scouting network of Sports Interactive is revealed. We speak to the men who make the game, and put an FM addict on the psychologist s couch to discover what 20 years as a virtual football manager has done to him.

At times, I am fortunate enough to receive ‘freebies’ to review for Soccer Gaming. Football Manager Stole My Life arrived as a Christmas present (I think someone was trying to tell me something) and became a interesting and humorous read. The book is not one that you would be expected to sit down and read cover to cover, in fact, to do this would go against everything that FM stands for. Instead, it’s chapters and anecdotes are ideal for bus commutes, lunch breaks or frustrating video game load times! The plethora of big names, from Pop Stars to Actors, all of whom have been bitten by the FM bug is refreshing to see, and as someone making their way through the world of professional football myself, it is amazing to see that young players share my dream of one day being a real name in the games huge database (i’d happily send SI a picture too!)

Football Manager Stole My Life is available from all good book shops (support the high street!) and can also be accessed as a Digital download for your e Reader. If you still love a hard copy (and who doesn’t) there are few better places to purchase from than Amazon , the link to which resides HERE