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Football Manager 2013 Update

Written by on Saturday, 2 March 2013One Comment

Once upon a time, Football Manager updates were a thing of pure beauty. You would wait for weeks to the get the latest Transfer Window patch so you can start a new game with that key new player in your ranks. Sturridge at Liverpool, Ba at Chelsea, half the French league at Newcastle…

Well, the latest update, which went live on February 28th, may have just snuck past you without so much as an afterthought. With most gamers setting STEAM to do their dirty downloading (not that kind) for them, the download may have been installed without you even noticing. However, if you are not one of these people. or prefer to do things manually, we have included a link to the SI Games website below, where you can download your corresponding version (free of charge).

It should also be pointed out that, whilst FM 2013 is an excellent game, the fact that the developers continue to update and improve aspects of the title is a true nod to their commitment and determination to provide the best possible gaming experience. A wealth of changes in the update alongside the transfer window deals, including fixes to the game engine, staff and even leagues are all present. The full list can be found on the above link!