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50% Off Football Manager 2013

Written by on Saturday, 9 March 20132 Comments

If you visit this site regularly (and our statistics tell you 62% of you do!) then you’ll probably be well aware that we are quite big Football Manager fans. Okay, massive FM fans! The 2013 is the usual blend of mind bending addiction and social life destroying goodness, and now, is retailing on gaming client STEAM at half price. For many English gamers, Football Manager is a way of football gaming life, however for those of you from across the pond or residing in the southern hemisphere, there is a chance you may have never experienced exactly what Football Manager is about. Below are our five key points to help you, and for more information, make sure you check out the games’ homepage (

1. Knowledge is Power – Forget being able to get away with being good with a controller, Football Manager is all about your tactical knowledge. Anyone can have a lucky game as South Korea on FIFA or PES, but take Boston United to the English Premier League, and fans will truly respect your gaming skill.

2. 3D Engine. – Gone are the days of FM text based commentary, or even small dots moving in a 2D environment. No, now there is a passable 3D engine to see your new signings perform on. Watching entire games may see you carted off to the insane asylum before too long, however for extended highlights, this is the way forward.

3. A Huge Database – If he has played proffessional football, or in many cases played at a football club from U18 upwards, chances are he is on the game! Find your old school mates, unearth new talent and live in the ‘footballing world’ for real.

4. Social Gaming – You will know another FM player by one simple conversation. They will have felt your pain. They will have shared your highs. They will have spent a long weekend slugging over season back to back. There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding a FM convo with another avid player.

5. Addiction Has A Face – Until you have played FM, you will not know the true meaning of game addiction. Once you get hooked on a game (or Save to use the jargon) you will start to see changes in both your physical appearance and social life. Shaving, showering and eating all become optional. Friends and family become distractions. If you are looking for an all encompassing football gaming experience, FM is the genuine option. (Side effects may vary)

50% offer ends Monday 11th March at 10am Pacific Time (so be bloody quick)