5 Tips to Win Football Accumulators in 2020

Accumulators or ‘accas’ are a popular betting strategy, especially with football. In fact, most bettors play accas on football fixtures than other sports.

With football accumulators, you can bet on four or more selections. However, every bet should be successful to win the bet.

Although it is a bit risky, the reason why it’s so popular among the community is due to its high returns. Many bettors stake their money in hopes of winning massive amounts.

Moreover, many bettors search for the best football accumulator tips online just to bet on a good lineup.

Unfortunately, winning big is unlikely—yet not impossible! Learning and applying the following tips will give you an edge to make well-informed and successful bets.

1. Find a good tipster site.
If you want to take on sports betting seriously, you should take more time in doing your research. In fact, a professional bettor’s rule of thumb is to research and analyze matches before placing any bets.

For easier and faster research, look through various tipster sites. Some of them offer free and paid betting tips.

Additionally, look for a tipster site that offers a range of football tips that can help you build good football accumulators.

Always keep in mind to only look through legitimate and reliable tipster sites. Start by searching through websites that already have a good reputation within the community.

2. Know the teams.
If you want better odds, you may research and analyze the teams on your own. Although this is time-consuming, it helps you know more about who you’re betting on.

One of the things you can look at is the team or players’ conditions, past matches, best plays, injuries, and so on.

It will also help you know if a key player is missing from a team or if not. That’s a huge factor to consider when selecting your accumulators.

Fortunately, there is plenty of information online that you can read and use to analyze teams and players. That’s why there’s no excuse for you not to take an extra step to research.

More information means choosing better selections.

3. Set a strategy.
Setting a solid strategy and sticking with it is a vital element to winning football accumulators.

Simply going with your guts will most likely put you into more risks and failed bets.

That’s why research is important so you can select the right teams and plan a good strategy. These increase your chances of winning accumulators.

Building a strategy also prevents you from making irrational decisions during right before or during bets.

Moreover, understand that you should also know how much you are willing to risk and stick with it.

4. Take advantage of promotions.
Bookmakers offer various rewards and incentives for bettors. If you’re playing online, you already receive a bonus or reward after you sign up. Betting sites offer more as you play over time.

Use these promotions wisely when betting on football accas. No matter how small the incentive may seem, these can prove useful especially if you lose a bet.

Acca insurance is one of the most popular incentives used on accumulators. When you use this incentive, bookmakers refund all or a part of your stake if one of your selections lose.

Acca boosts are also a popular incentive. Using this incentive, bookmakers boost your acca odds in exchange for placing a bet.

If you get your hands on these incentives, use them wisely at the right time to save you from any risk or loss.

5. Select a good amount of selections.
Bettors play accumulators because of its huge potential earnings. However, understand that you are more likely to lose than to win.

To make your accumulators worth it, some experts recommend picking 5 or 6 folds per accumulator. This is a practical number of selections.

Moreover, don’t select unlikely outcomes just to make your overall odds high. Always balance your selections when playing accas so you have the best chance of landing a win.

Knowing football rules and guidelines will give you further know-how on who, what, and how to bet on football accumulators. Ultimately, being well-informed helps you make sensible decisions.

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