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    Soccer Gaming Admin

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  1. Kaka74
    Kaka74 richard jin
    Please give me a link to the tattoo of Gabriel Jesus and Coutinho
  2. richard jin
    richard jin VooEss
  3. david alejandro
    david alejandro
    hello!! I need patches of fifa 98 rtwc road to world cup inspired in former tournaments. because about eight years ago a
  4. katoon999
  5. katoon999
    1. pao4ever
      no mate, he's great! thank you
      Mar 12, 2018
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  6. katoon999
  7. katoon999
    katoon999 lasturkos1985
    Thank you very much, My friend.
  8. 100celle83
    100celle83 richard jin
    try to stay away from me ... and try not to talk to me ok?
    1. richard jin
      richard jin

      ok i will

      and you too please go away bro

      i don't want to see you either
      Mar 11, 2018
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    2. 100celle83
      Mar 11, 2018
  9. katoon999
    1. kevin99
      Magnific face!!!!

      I big happy!!!

      Mar 19, 2018 at 9:05 AM
  10. Sheffield
    Thank you so much mate ! :)
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  11. katoon999
  12. katoon999
  13. katoon999
  14. Aswin Jayan
    Aswin Jayan VooEss
    do you make /convert fifa 14 face?
  15. katoon999
    katoon999 Turan
    Great faces!
    Make special face for me??
    Tamás Szántó

    Ok. Please wait
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    2. Turan
      Sure bro!
      Mar 9, 2018
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  16. katoon999
  17. 100celle83
    100celle83 eLEAGUEnet
    1. eLEAGUEnet
      Ok, sorry but stop with these messages!
      Mar 8, 2018
    2. 100celle83
      Remove that phrase on your forum ... ok?
      Mar 8, 2018
  18. Scissorhand
    Scissorhand kotiara6863
    Hi kotiara,

    I have downloaded dragão stadium and i noticed that if i use default ID i have wrong lights (obviously), but i've noticed too that some PROPS around the stadium appears only half like they are been sinking on the pitch, but if i replace a ID from an existng stadium all PROPS get fine and the ones that shows wrong do not even appear).

    there's solution for this?

    Thank's in advance!
  19. 100celle83
    100celle83 eLEAGUEnet
    Ask me sorry ... little man!
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    2. eLEAGUEnet
      Sorry but you're an idiot.
      Mar 7, 2018
    3. 100celle83
      Are you still insulting? But are not you ashamed that you are a profiteer? Insult me another time and I will write to you about who you are every day! Give me your apologize !
      Mar 7, 2018
  20. 100celle83
    100celle83 eLEAGUEnet
    I saw that your mother is still insulting on your forum! remove the ban! I do not like that written on your forum! You allowed yourself to insult my mother! Shame on you!