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    Soccer Gaming Admin

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  1. rockefeler93
    hola alguno sabe si siguen haciendo torneo online de fifa 08 gente activa ???
  2. JohnnySTRSSN
    JohnnySTRSSN ModdingWayAriel
    Hey Ariel. I was told you might be the best person to solve my problem. I am working away at editing my dB and one thing I'd like to do is set pre contracts so I can have naby Keita join at end of the season etc. Same with some player loans but I don't know what values to write to achieve my goal. Do u have a guide or can help me in any way even with examples just to help me understand?
  3. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan juxirt
    hey bro. my stadio olimpico and red bull arena leipzig is crash. please help
  4. VinzouDesBois
    En route pour l'Europe
  5. serpicojr
  6. serpicojr
  7. serpicojr
  8. serpicojr
  9. Daemor
    Daemor thegood
    hi i think you are the person who increased the fat file for fifa08. I have a problem on the same thing and I can pay you. Let me know on [email protected]

    jeffrey from Malta
  10. MisKitty009
    hola. soy nueva en este foro y me gusta tanto el futbol como ustedes. soy del manchester city
  11. Andrés Allauca
    Andrés Allauca RavenFCB
    Can you help me with the stadium link for FIFA 14 please help me thank you
  12. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan eafh
    Can you make Bay Arena stadium and Stadio Olimpico ?
  13. serpicojr
  14. Jesse J Rutheford
    Jesse J Rutheford
    Before creation, comes destruction.
  15. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan Konstant6013
    why stadium doesnt work for me ? also my stadio olimpico crash.
  16. df10
  17. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan Johnny28ua
    bro do you have stadio olimpico roma ea version or update version ? my stadio olimpico crash. please
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    2. iwanamzan
      thanks bro but stadio olimpico still crash
      May 7, 2018
    3. iwanamzan
      hey bro do you know what stadium id number 511 ?
      May 16, 2018 at 7:44 PM
    4. Johnny28ua
      no I do not know
      May 16, 2018 at 8:12 PM
  18. DN
    DN Den
    Good night, Den.
    I'm looking for Timothy Weah's face for FIFA14, and the Ealixo pointed out to you.
    Would you like to send me please !?
  19. rob
    rob RobbieD_PL
    Witaj!, czy jesteś w stanie podać mi jakiś fajny mod który urealnia gameplay w fifie (wiecej strzałów z dystansu u CPU i poziom trudności)?
    Pytam Ciebie, ponieważ widzę że jesteś bardziej doświadczonym forumowiczem :)
    1. RobbieD_PL
      Nie. Teraz sie przygotuje na RTWC 2018 patch z wszystkich kraje swiata.
      May 8, 2018
  20. kevinfunk2003
    @davidalejandro please contact by formal email if u take it really serious.