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New Profile Posts

  1. fabio viana
  2. TheVolkner
    TheVolkner no9ruud
    Check PM bro, please send De Gea,Griezmann and Godin.
  3. fifaoldboys
    fifaoldboys RobbieD_PL
    how can i convert hong kong stadium to o. model pleaseee it is for rugby 08
  4. xuda
    xuda Arsenal_fc
    I managed to do it through kickoff. Selecting the kit allowed me to change it through CE :)
  5. xuda
    xuda Arsenal_fc
    Ah yes, okay so I managed to change the collar on the home kit. But how do I select the other kits to adjust the collars? Maybe I missed it in the video..
  6. Arsenal_fc
    so you need cheatengine table and then go on youtube find redmessi and he has a tutorial on how to change the collars.....
  7. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan karron97
    brother karron update lucas hernandez please
  8. xuda
    xuda Arsenal_fc
    I do, through Origin
  9. Arsenal_fc
    Do you have a legit copy of the game?
  10. xuda
    xuda Arsenal_fc
    Hi there!

    I would be interested in knowing how you managed to edit the collars on the other Arsenal kits by Jose_pa.

    I imagine the method might even enable changing the colors of the name/numbers on the third kit too?

  11. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan LeoAguiarSP
    please update lucas hernandez
  12. fifaoldboys
    fifaoldboys RobbieD_PL
    @RobbieD_PL could you send me tools or plugin to edit rc2 stadium models
  13. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan RavenFCB
    brother i dont find your vodafone arena at your file
  14. Mik-29
    Mik-29 no9ruud
  15. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan fabio viana
    brother can you give me lucas lima tattoo ?
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    2. iwanamzan
      body folder is missing brother.
      Jul 9, 2018
    3. fabio viana
    4. iwanamzan
      thanks brother
      Jul 9, 2018
      fabio viana likes this.
  16. iwanamzan
    iwanamzan krisaju95
    hey kris do you have federico bernardeschi?
  17. AmazR
    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  18. fifaoldboys
  19. fifaoldboys
    fifaoldboys Pepis21
    or what dots you have right now
    1. Pepis21
  20. fifaoldboys