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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    Still busy spamming I see? Anywhaaaay hardcore raiding aint for everyone, takes time skill and dedication, you probably lack the last two. oh no I didnt!! Also now I'm married instead of just engaged so theres that also
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    NBA Thread 2011-2012

    You need a playmaker. Someone @~ Feltons quality would greatly improve the knicks. Doesnt mean you'll be winning championships buy with a playmaker theres a chance of getting to the conf finals. Then again, Its never too late to trade Melo and Amare ;o
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    SG United 2012 Initial Application Thread

    oh ma-gawd oh ma gawd! First Name: Alex Second Name: ... (empty) Common Name: Áļéאָ Date of Birth: Aug 21 1982 Nationality: Eng Squad Number: 11/12 or 34 Favourite Position: Wing Back 2nd Position (optional): MR 3rd Position (optional): DR
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    Haaaiii. Ive been busy spliting my time between work and raiding in an mmo :P (yes lame i know..) so no FM the last year or so for me (one of the reasons ive gone awol the last couple years) Just a preview vid ULdAmmVol8g Unfortunately youtube is being a bitch and wont allow me to...
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Was turned off by last years game. It was closer to being a boats on tarmac sim than a F1 at that. And horrible turning AI
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    lol nevah! I remember every single pass and name i've ever used :P Oh yeah I watch F1 still (surprisingly), especially loving the BBC feed. Eddie always starting like "I have a feeling this will be Lewis Hamiltons weekend. Only to find him self wondering why he crashed on.. whoever he...
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Well I pretty much quit gaming the last couple of years.. untill recently (well.. 6 months ago) I picked up Rift and i usually play on nights after work, just doing raids mostly, atm in HK 5/10 :borat: Will post some pics laters ;-)
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    I go away for 3 years, I log back and I cant mod stuff anymore??!! :facepalm: Oh and hey. What happened to this place btw, did it loose its official "unofficial fifasite" stauts or something? Looks seriously dead :( edit: woah it's been like.. minutes already and not one single reply!! WHAT...
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    Get your iPhone Clone

    Hopefully these wont explode like them apples
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    TV Shows aka Sir Didier being upset that non-hipsters like Game of Thrones

    I just couldnt get into lost.. Ive recently watched the whole 3rd season of Dexter (within a week) and im just 2 eps behind the current season of entourage. Also watching eps from the office and 2and a half men whenever i have free time. I started watching fringe from day 1. I liked it...
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    smack me **** * ** ** ** $%@#$ :( me want 105.000 too :(
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    Formula One discussion - Season 2009

    you speak as if kers is an illegal drug or something. kers has actually cost a lot to all teams that tried to develop it and it has cost them both in overall car speed and reliability (besides costing them a ton of money). The fact that it is starting to give those teams the ability to actually...
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    Download problems ..

    do you have any script blocking applications? Have you tried a different browser?
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    haha, what a pussy (H)