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    FV.Bart's Faces

    Great start on Kenedy
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Finally great Hazard :)
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Hopefully Lukaku will be on next Young talents facepack cuz he deserves a good face :(
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    simo's '14 Faces

    Where is your Lukaku :(
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    simo's '14 Faces

    Pls include Lukaku
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    Verh's Workshop

    Amazing Rooney
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    [FIFA14] KrisDzung276's Faces

    Really cool ;) Tnx man
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    [UTO] FIFA 14 Faces

    Amazing Kagawa
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    Verh's Workshop

    Can you continue updating your Kagawa in post #95 ;) Looks great 4 me
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Lukaku as I requested before plsssss :(
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Best faces from top facemaker
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    simo's '14 Faces

    Lukaku is amazing man :O Just fix the light Hope u release soon
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    Mr.89's Faces

    It would be great if u try Lukaku ;)
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    Top faces
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    Andutzu'89 FF13 Faces

    Michu is too old for me :( keep updating ;) and pls don't stop making faces @@