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    Newcastle United Thread [2005-2006]

    According to craig moore is fit and available for selection so i have no idea why he isn't being picked. Defence still isn't tight enough but we look better now that Bramble is back. P.S For all toon army fans check out this website Talk Of The Tyne. Its a forum just for...
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    Football Coaching

    For me, i went on to the english fa's official website and they gave me the e-mail address for the local fa for my area. i e-mailed them saying i wanted to become a coach. They then sent me a pack with various course dates and i just took it from there. Then from there its just a case of...
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    Football Coaching

    I'm thinking of going to the USA next summer to be a football coach at a summer camp. I have a few websites where i have got some info but if any body has any websites or have coached in the USA could they please tell me the website or where i can get some info Cheers
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    Let's all laugh at Celtic

    nice to see that little [email protected] bellamy win nowt
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    Which skin is the best? Stone Skin[nor-rbk] vs Chameleon[NIDOKING]

    second ones slightly better ps zlatan i like ur avatar :rockman:
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    Hated players at your club

    don't hate any players but not to fond of the manager
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    Best Derby In The World?

    Yeah Newcastle v the Mackems, best derby in england
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    What Number you were?

    I'm a keeper and i used to wear 99 for a laugh
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    New Kits 2005/2006

    The new toon shirt is nice. Bit like juve's current shirt
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    The UEFA Cup Thread

    He pulled his hamstring but should be fit for the next leg of the uefa cup according to sky sports
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    Chas Denonno - A Referee's Journey

    It's about time there's a ref out there that's not to fussy about swearing. You can't even swear amongst your team in my league (UK). Well done. Good read too
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    Summer Transfer Rumours

    Emre(inter milan) > Newcastle Andy Johnson(crystal palace) > Newcastle
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    Guess who

    Jafet Soto?
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    Best celebrations

    Babayaro against coventry for newcastle. Couple of flips and then showed a bit of passion for the club (its about time someone did). Lua Lua's celebrations are also a favourite
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    Your Favorite Glove Brand (Keepers)

    Used to wear adidas fingersaves until i found out they can damage your hands. I now wear puma, nike and the new adidas fingertips.