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    Please ignore this thread-needed for a draw

    Sorry for the Ot but I need this for a draw , we are setting up a fifa08 tournament and needed a neutral ground to post the numbers for the draw as reference. Just don't delete this please for today, thanks a. ultralisk b. mastersyban c.exboxer d.akis360 1. steliosst 2.alou 3.sparrow...
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    WE for Xbox in the U.S?

    Ofcourse there's no xbox, there wasn't an xbox release for the pes6 so...
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    Makedonia kits

    Oh stfu, you're in soccergaming forums, I'm Greek and I've done my research and homework on what's the story ... it's not just history guys, there's too much politics involved and nobody in here really cares. Take this discussion somewhere else or chill out and talk football plz...
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    PES 6 Xbox 360?

    No just player stats. I bought pes6 360 and I can say, if you got a ps2 or fancy playing in pc, DONT get it for 360, simply not worth it. What a joke for a next gen attempt Konami...I am really so pissed off right now. Other than that, gameplay is great as usual, feels different and...
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    Xbox 360 Fifa 07 camera angles

    Not even zoom in/out option ?! That'd be crap cause demo cameras didn't work for me at all...
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    Request for FIFA 07 XBOX 360 owners

    No you can't alter the 360 game he wants to use the commentary included in the fifa07 360 game for his patch for other formats I guess.
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    PES 6 360 review by

    A very biased review imo, what if all these negatives were also perfect? what would the score have to be then? 15/10? And what if the commentary, presentation, licenses were the beste ever? maybe a 20/10? I remember older previews / reviews from this guy, he's a heavy pes fan and I have no...
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    Confirmation of next gen.

    No next gen version. Even 360 doesn't actually get a next gen version. And a crippled edit mode. And Fifa has no tricks. Life sucks these days.
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    360 demo now avalible How difficult could it be for you to find it? :kader:
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    360 demo now avalible

    Do you really think I would just take the time and make all this up? I really don't care if there's no trick stick but right stick should have some implementation on at least first touch moves or something similar. Leaves many things to want for next year.
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    360 demo now avalible

    from fifa forums:
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    Playing FIFA07 Until PES come out and ...

    google fotografia+pes6 and you'll realise what is REALLY ugly. Seriously, wtf is that crap? Anyway, Elkjaer, grow some brains dude. Have you played the 360 demo at all? And have you seen any real improvements in pro over the last few years? What I'm saying is ea almost caught up with them...
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    360 demo now avalible

    There are 6 leagues included in 360 version. Check for details
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    360 demo now avalible

    That's what everyone!t if that's true! they said somethin about only doing tricks when you're winning or something?
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    360 demo now avalible

    Any sign of multiplayer online? impressions so far?