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    A Season With Tottenham Hotspur on PES 2012

    Hi guys! Long time, no see! Are there any old timers left here? :) Spent some hours recording and compiling another "season review" thing, this time with real time audio and lots of goals, in fact, all goals scored by and against Spurs for an entire season! Here's a season with Tottenham Hotspur...
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    PES6 Video compilation; A season with Tottenham Hotspur

    So I played an entire season with Tottenham on PES6, with the Evolution patch and the newest Milanista OF, saved and recorded ALL the goals I scored, and made a video compilation out of it, match by match. Turned out kinda cool, so thought I'd share. It's a bit big, but oh well, check it out...
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    First result for your team after you were born

    Everton 1-4 Tottenham [ 25-08-1984 ] Maybe a sign for Saturday's match. ;)
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    [P+R] Rosenborg vs Arsenal.

    He's Norwegian, AND he's a Spurs-fan. Hopefully he'll join us in a couple of years. ;) Very talented guy indeed.
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    All Winning Eleven 8 Videos Here (Updated Constantly)

    Here's a mirror I created for that gameplay video;
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    Somethign awesome I just realized!!!

    Cool. Here's a goal I scored with Ivanov (the gk) a while ago;
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    I'm so happy

    Welcome to the club. ;)
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    What's Your Favorite Stadium?

    Stadio Delle Alpi! It's gorgeous.
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    has anyone done this???

    I scored this one a couple of weeks ago: I've scored quite a few from outside the box actually. Just think of the new shooting system as more realistic and put yourself in the situation of the player you are controlling. In the...
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    I finally did it!

    Nice one man. I haven't scored a bicycle kick since spring 2001 or so, in ISSPE2. :p
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    WE7 Newbs - How's your Master League going?

    Ah, ok, that explains a lot, thanks. :) Just beat Everton 5-0 by the way, my biggest win in the game so far. ;)
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    WE7 Newbs - How's your Master League going?

    First season with Tottenham, level 5: 12-2-0 21-2 38 points I won the cup, and I've only bought one player (van Goh, youth player). In the qualification for promotion to div 1 now, beat Auxerre 1-0 and drew 1-1 with Rangers, playing the last match against Everton right now. The transfer...
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    Working Patch For d/l HERE!!!

    Yeah, except for the ML menus ... ;)
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    The REAL translation patch is out in less than 24 hours

    It does work, but it doesn't translate ML, which makes it kinda ... not useless, but yeah, I was waiting for an ML translation anyway. ;)
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    The REAL translation patch is out in less than 24 hours

    Is this it then? I'm gonna try it anyway. ;)