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    aNuke's Faces

    Amazing faces!
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    [FIFA12] KrisDzung276's Face Thread

    Your textures have great quality!
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    FV.Luces FIFA 12 Faces!

    Great work!
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    Wolverine 12

    Nice faces.
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    Faces By DanielM.

    Thanks for the pack.
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    faces by Carlos*ass86

    Best valencia face, thanks.
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    Fifa12 preview face by Shifty*nim

    Your faces are great! It looks similar to Danilo from porto, maybe after completing this face you can edit the model and texture a little bit to make a danilo face.
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    FIFA 13 Faces by du_oro10

    Amazing faces, but I have a problem with your Christian Benitez face. After inserting it in cm12 it does not show up in the game, but in cm12 when I click on the preview button it shows the face. Any suggestions?
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    Gamal's face thread

    Your faces are excellent, but Milner's nose is way too big!
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    shadow_boy32 faces

    His nose needs more work, other than that everything else looks good.
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    Vlady's 09/10 faces

    That's one of the best Mikel's I have ever seen. Great Job? (The Hairline needs a bit of work though)
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    aLex`s faces

    Texture looks great but you have to map the eyes. Check out Arnau's tutorial.
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    Giveaway Of The Day - Great Free Software Changed Daily

    Every Day A Different Giveaway Giveaway of the day also has a library of free to download programs here
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    How can I change collar - CM 09

    Go to team, kits then change the collar number.
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    game crashes while loading

    Some patches only work if you install them first and then others later. There are also some patches which will only work if it is the only one installed.