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    Zicstark and Rique's Scoreboards

    Tutorial Hi Rique Is it all also possible to send me the link for the Tutorial by Evolution Best Wishes Barrie
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    Stadiums by $ido

    Enjoy the screenshots, because that's all you will ever see from SIDO. If you don't believe me ask Carrick.
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    UM Banners

    SPL Banner Pack Congratulations, excellent work. Any chance of EPL & SkyBET Leagues? Best Regards Barrie
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    Superwagon's Stadiums

    Well done Superwagon. At last a Stadium builder who actually delivers his promises. The quality of your Stadiums are excellent, I have really enjoyed playing at St Mary's and now look forward to playing at the KC & Hawthorns. Thanks again Barrie
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    Superwagon's Stadiums

    St Mary's All working fine now. I had to use ID148 and rename all files accordingly. Not sure why ID 147 was causing error message. Barrie
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    Superwagon's Stadiums

    St Marys Stadium Hi Superwagon, I meant CM14 not CM12. Barrie
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    Superwagon's Stadiums

    St Marys Stadium Hi Superwagon, Congratulations on the release of St Mary's Stadium. The Quality looks exceptional but I am having problems cloning an existing stadium in CM12. Keep getting error message 5060 "Cannot create a new object with the requested id Reference: 147" This occurs...
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    CM 14 BETA Testing

    CM 14.1 Crash I have experienced the same problem which necessitated re-install of CM14. Do you have Moddingway Patch installed?. The problems seems to appear if alterations are made in CM14 and save to the Moddingway patch. Like to know what you think. Barrie
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    [MOD] Revolution Mod '14

    Benchplayer Please check your spelling it should be:- specificbenchplayer Hope this helps. Barrie
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    English Championship Playoff Replay Logo ?

    English Championship Playoff Replay Logo ? Hi RC I Understand congratulations are in order. Is this your first born? If you could point me at which data.big file i need to investigate to correct the replay logo, I would be grateful. Best Regards Barrie
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    English Championship Playoff Replay Logo ?

    Does anyone know where i can locate the replay logos for the English playoff tournaments. In the game they are displayed as NPower Logo which needs to be changed to SkyBet Logo. Barrie
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    darrek1988's Workshop (Flags/Banners/Others)

    Hi Darreck Great quality banners. Would you have the time spare to make all the Barclays Premier League as my Fifa 13 Banners do not display correctly in Fifa 14 Barrie
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    [Released] Upton Park Pre-Release [FIFA12/FIFA13]

    It's Sido That Needs A Kick Up The Backside & not Carrick Please understand that Carrick has worked closely with Sido in the development of Upton Park and feels completely let down by Sidos hollow promises over the last 2 years. I have always held the opinion that Sido was MonkeyDragon...
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    Stitched Logos - Request Accepted

    Cristiantodean - Logos Hi I have sent you a PM asking how you make these wonderful club badges. Barrie
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    Stitched Logos - Request Accepted

    Would it be possible to put all stitched club badges into league packs to simplify download. Thank you Barrie