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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Lokomotiv Moscow anyone? :)
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    Russia National Football League Patch

    Finaly someone here want to make it... Good luck with that :)
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    Xandr92Prog Kit's

    Thank you mate! Great job! Can you maybe make mini too? if it's not problem...
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    TheReDevil's Kits

    On official site :
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    TheReDevil's Kits

    I saw that you make alot of RPL kits so can you please make third Lokomotiv kit? Great works btw!
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    Commentary Names ( RFPL )

    I'm not sure how much ppl is interesting for this but this is a thing... In my case I play with Russian league teams,but I prefer English commentary... So, there are many of players who don't have callnames ingame and that's suck... No Sound master for years,so we can't do much about it,but...
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    FifaMan017's Kits

    Hey mate great kits ... Can you make this third kit too pls? you have pictures here
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    2016/17 Promotion/Relegation Patch [CMP]

    Hey mate will you make Russian teams soon? :)
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    EgorPl's Faces

    Roman Shishkin and Maicon from Lokomotiv please :D Btw Miranchuk look great!!!
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    [HOW TO] Converting Head Models From FIFA 13/14 To FIFA 16

    This are some faces that i converted from Fifa 14... THey dont look bad i think... On this way i convert head model... Allready told how can you convert face texture... Only hair is problem... I just...
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    [HOW TO] Converting Head Models From FIFA 13/14 To FIFA 16

    This is only for HEAD models... Not for hair etc... About face textures its pretty easy to use... Just resize texture to 1024x1024... Importing - exporting with rx3 master... About face maps,u can use default one,or from any other player (to explain: if player have beard etc u can use map from...
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    [HOW TO] Converting Head Models From FIFA 13/14 To FIFA 16

    I do not know if anyone noticed this,but this is how it works,without face master etc...: Open Fifa 15 with Creation Master 15... Import head (fifa 14 or even fifa 13) to a player that you want... After importing now go export that file wherever you want... That exported file is now ready to...
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Can Fifa 10 stadiums help you? There is a patch wih Serbian stadiums - Stadion Crvene Zvezde and Stadion Partizana...
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Lokomotiv Moscow stadium dont work for me... I tried many ways but game always freezing when starting match... Am I the only one or that stadium dont work for you too?
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    EgorPl's Faces

    I love your faces mate... More Lokomotiv players maybe? :D Maicon,Denisov,Corluka? :D