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    Question on making hidden players visable?

    Is it possible to unlock them on playstation 3?
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    Benny face for Fifa11

    Kannst du es auch im fifaplanet thread bitte posten?
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    Benny face for Fifa11

    Henry *final*:
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    manulukasz [season 10/11]

    Great Nose. Eyelid texture needs an update and you should try another model, but great texture so far.
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    Photothread 11

    Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat *-*. Thank you very much mate.
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    Photothread 11

    Has anybody this great henry picture, in which he wears the white french national jersey? Couldnt find it anywhere, but i used years ago and need it today again. Thanks mates.
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    Ace4Alcantara minifaces REQUESTS

    good last minis
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    Super8's Faces

    Not bad Thiago
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    KrisDzung276 Face FIFA11

    good minis
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    Faces Nahan Nunes

    Sorry bad faces, texts need much more work. If you are good in textures you can start work concentrated on models.
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    Krajcso's face thread

    good facesm manulukasz advices will help you very much.
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    Uzair Faceshop =D

    Very good song
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    Cris-9 Faces

    Good one
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    textures by Shifty*nim

    Sorry bad Cristiano.