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    ..::FIFA10 edit´s by $ido::..

    when you install the patch thing it does the stadiums automatically go into the game or do you have to use the cm program because cm doesnt work for windows vista
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    Hidden Stadiums Patch

    when you say replace the fifa db does that mean put it in the fifa 10 folder in the programs folder in the hardrive or does this require a special program like cm or something
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    champions league facepack

    oh my goodness can anyone help i can't even play the game anymore because it keeps crashing and nobody can help i've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it just keeps crashing without me even modifying anything, i hope these patches haven't corrupted the data or anything
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    champions league facepack

    Well hopefully someone can help me out here, a while back I downloaded the cl facepack from the tennecee guy facemaker thread the megapack one and every time I installed it the game would just crash, it would get to the screen with Ronnie on it with the push any key words and just shut down the...
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    09 Faces by TeneCee

    great faces and all but i have installed the super pack using the automatic version since i cant use the cm thing (windows vista) but every time i try to play a match the game shuts down and a window comes up saying FIFA 09 exe has stopped working or something along those lines can this...
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    transfer market

    in manager mode is there a way of manipulating the transfer market because its not right that when you start each season there are stupid things that happen like madrid releasing casillas, man city releasing robinbo (free agents) etc
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    How to run Creation Master 09 on 64bit Operating System Tutorial

    on step b) i tried to install it in the virtual pc folder in the programs folder but it says i don't have permission to save it here because i'm not the adminstrator when i actually am also because i'm unsure of how this thing works if i decide to remove the program in the future will...
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    Carlos*son´s Faces 09

    alright thanks anyway
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    Carlos*son´s Faces 09

    great and very realistic faces in the pack but in the game you can only see the outline of rakitic, de la red and zambrano hairstyles and it is see through, is there a way to fix this. also is there a way of using Ea's version of mertesacker but still keeping the others thanks