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    WHy did it crash after 6 full seasons??

    I am sure that if you would have made Fifa06 this could never have happened and it would be an absolute perfect game without crashes. thanks for showing us the light, all hail the master! all hail Ockham!
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    WHy did it crash after 6 full seasons??

    Simulate every game, but this would still take a lot of time yes.
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    WHy did it crash after 6 full seasons??

    I guess so :/ Basicaly they're right EA isn't suppose to know how third party patches are handled in memory and thus they don't support them. Most third patch makers will also write that their patch is incompatible with anything else than a clean installed Fifa06 to be safe and not to have to...
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    I'm Off

    I hope you'll be back for Fifa07 Monkeydragon, I use tons of your programs, thanks for all the great tools you made! :ewan:
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    Fifa 2006 CEP - Career Expansion Patch

    Bull****, lies. You don't have dutch collaborators. Or maybe you forgot to put them in the credits, lol Ockham, Ockham, Ockham, here you are again with your threats, get a life dude, or get laid or something. That was before I knew what a bastard you really are lol, during that MSN session...
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    Fifa 2006 CEP - Career Expansion Patch

    Dear Mr. Ockham, You have said that you would leave this forum, yet after less than 24 hours here you are again with your arrogant "I can do nothing wrong" attitude. Make up your mind boy, in a while no one's, even your fan club, is going to still believe the shiat you write. In fact you...
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    Billy1969's Sound Packs

    Celtic fans help needed I started working on the Celtic Glasgow sound pack, unfortunately I didn't find many fan chants recordings, tons of fansites, tons of mp3's with songs and music but not many fan chants, so if you have some and want me to include them please send them to my mail...
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    Fifa 2006 CEP - Career Expansion Patch

    You didn't ask EA permission to modify or alter their game, right? That is about a question as intelligent as the one above. About CEP, it is nice yes, but I uninstalled it because I cannot play career mode as I like, the career mode has been handicapped by reducing it to 7 years and by...
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    My fonts for numbers for FIFA 06!!!

    Thanks a lot Fiordy :)
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    Greek League Mega Patch!!!

    Ok thanks, one more question, are the teams and players names in greek alphabet or roman alphabet? and does it work with the other language databases? I ask this because last year, in Fifa2005, I installed Russian League patch and Ukranian league patch and those were in Cyrillic alphabet and...
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    FIFA "GAMEPLAY UPDATE" 06 - Next release.

    If you would just pay attention to his previous post, he wrote that the installation program will feature a choice between normal and CEP compatible install :nape:
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    Gameplay Home Advantage

    I answered in your thread in the editing forum.
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    Problem with cc importing - Please help

    You should resort the Lines in the language.mdb to increasing number from low to high and then reimport to the language.db then it should work. You can make home and away matches as difficult as you want, you have in fact to add lines to the ai.ini, these are my settings : HOME_TEAM_ATTRIB = 1...
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    Problem with cc importing - Please help

    The answer is quite simple. The creation centre adds the teams to the fifa.db, the central database of Fifa, but it doesn't add the teamnames to your language.db (dutch.db, english.db, german.db ect) you have to do that yourself. It is easy to do as the language databases are far more simpler...
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    Sebbe´s Thread

    Robinho, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos look great man, nothing to add, I would like to see an ingame shot though as those may vary from the O-edit preview, but they seem very nice.