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    Texture gets messed up

    I tried putting in a face from fifa 21 to fifa 22, i think i got the mesh right cuz it looks like the guy, but the texture is just messed up: i really dont know what iam doing because modding in fifa feels like iam walking in a massive mall with no lights and trying to find the way out
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    FIFA Converter (Models & Textures)

    Hi, does someone in this thread know how i can import a player face/ whole player, from fifa 21 to fifa 22?
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    Import player from fifa 21 to fifa 22?

    Hi, iam new to modding in fifa and i already did some small things but nothing in regard of players and i have a player that i like in fifa 21 and want to import him to fifa 22, i would already be happy enough if i could just import his face but it seems that i dont have the knowlage for it, it...