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    Creation Master 10 problem

    Just today I found its solution: 1, Install earlier version of Creation Master 10, without uninstall the installed. 2, Install the version you would like to install to, without uninstall the installed. 3, Done, you may continue your edit works. You may try it out.:)
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    All Nations Patch for PES 2010

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    Creation Master 10 problem

    hopefully this issue can solve as soon as possible, im also have the problem.
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    Could not import FIFA 10 into Creation Master 10

    When i trying to import my FIFA 10 then comes out the error: ************* Exception Text ************** System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at FifaLibrary10.FifaFile.CheckIfCompressed(BinaryReader r) at FifaLibrary10.FifaFile.Init(FifaBigFile...
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    FIFA 10 - All Nationalteams Collection

    :33vff3o: well done, keep it up!