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    Should a demo(replay) system exist in FIFA 2006? => written by ocr.ati*flo . Although it's still in a very early state but many one find it useful. The existing replay system is too complicated for player to share, more over, it can't record the whole game. Have a whole match...
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    Online Matches & Leagues Official Thread

    It's not the problem guys. U give your friend your internet IP and ask he to connect to it. You host. If there is no one connecting to (through LAN,of your local network),you and your friend will be successfully connected. Believe me, in FIFA 2005, it shows (my computer...
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    Online Matches & Leagues Official Thread

    You don't have to fix anything guys. Just to check your Internet IP at: Contact me if you like to play: MSN: [email protected] YM: blue2sky2006