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    How to start

    Hello Roy, welcome to SG! How are you? Both games have their pros and cons. I'd suggest you tried both of them and see which one clicks for you on the pitch. Obviously, if what you're looking for are Game Modes and more depth, FIFA is the best choice. But if what you're interested in the most...
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    FIFA 14 FacesSudamérica

    Alright, let's end this here and let's all move on. No more off-topic.
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    FIFA 14 FacesSudamérica

    I don't make any faces, I don't know what you're talking about.
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    FIFA 14 FacesSudamérica

    It's not your place to tell somebody what to do in here. If you or anybody else see something they think are breaking the rules, just use the report button and I'll take a look. Rules are clear and I've already made a statement about it 6 posts above. So relax and either enjoy the content that's...
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    FIFA 14 FacesSudamérica

    I don't like your tone. I've been here since 2001, you've only been here for 3 months. So show some respect. If I see this guy disrespecting another user again he will be banned. In the meantime, you don't have to tell me how I should moderate.
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    FIFA 14 FacesSudamérica

    If people want to contribute monetarily, I don't have a problem. Just leave your Paypal/Patreon or whatever and let them do it. What I don't want is Modders releasing or making faces in exchange for money. Because a lot of people start complaining and fighting. You can leave the DIRECT LINKS...
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    Fifa16 crack

    SoccerGaming Forum Rules & Guidelines: Article 3: Warez / Cracks / Piracy: Anyone found posting or asking for links to Illegal software downloads, cracks, etc will be penalized with a Red Card...
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    [WIP] Classic Patch 16

    @Jörg & @villa77 Gentlemen, I encourage you to stop by the SoccerGaming Forum Rules & Guidelines Thread and read it. But most importantly, FOLLOW those rules. Article 13: Language: SoccerGaming is English-only. If English is not your main language, you can use Google Translator and Copy/Paste...
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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    Thread closed as requested by @Lagwagon93
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    FIFA 21-to-16 Faces

    I'll tell you what I told someone else who contacted me via PM. Just be upfront about it. You can say something: I'll leave two links for each pack, one that's a direct download, but if you like my work and would like to support me in some way, please use the second link which doesn't contain...
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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    Hello @GIGGIRIVA You can leave a link to your Facebook. You OBVIOUSLY can provide Youtube videos too, that's an understatement. I'm not forbidding you to do that. The point of the rules are very simple, I didn't think they could be misunderstood at all. What you cannot do, is you can't force...
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    FIFA 16 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC

    Thread closed as request by @Fabrizzio1985
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    FIFA 15 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC

    Thread closed as requested by @Fabrizzio1985 .
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    [Story] Feyenoord Career mode

    Hello mate You might want to stop and read the Forum rules here: NO EXTERNAL LINKS ARE ALLOWED. I've removed them from the post.