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    walrus-mgl86 flags workshop

    Great flags. Can you do St. Pauli? :bob:
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    I have scored several times by pressing (on Logitech Dual Action) the #3 button while holding down on the 5 button at top. This is for a hard driven low shot.
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    Well, its definitely an improvement. However, I would think that EA/FIFA would want to include national teams from large markets to tempt buyers even more. How about Japan? Canada? Egypt? instead of Malta, San Marino and Leichtenstein.
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    AS Roma Thread [2005-2006]

    Roma jerseys will be released on Aug 24th. Sponsor or no sponsor. Mazda and Roma negotiations broke down and currently Roma are looking for a new sponsor. Reps from Roma are travelling to the United Arab Emirates to negotiate a sponsor deal. With what company, nobody knows. Could it be that...
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    Check out the new Diadora Roma Ball

    Its called the "Janus". Here is what Diadoras web site said about it. Icant imagine the colors would make it a legal match ball though???? CHECK OUT LINK BELOW FOR IMAGE. I forgot how to just attach the image as part of my post. To all the a==wipes out there: "Sorry" ----Two halves, one...
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    ~ Ligue 1 Orange Flag Patch ~

    I attempted to install it following the instructions given. As soon as it gets to the point where the .big files are changed there is an error. Anyone else with this problem?
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    Serie A names.simple fix?

    If you are one of those people easily "offended" by "old" questions like this let me just say "sorry" and "get a life". I want to change the names of the obviously incorrect names for clubs in Serie A but the solutions Ive tried tend to have baggage that I dont want or just do not work at...
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    Can someone e-mail me this...

    I cant seem to load eng file to edit team names using uniDB.. Can someone send me a file with corrected Italian club names to [email protected] I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Changing stadium defaults

    Hmmm. It wont let me access the eng file to change team names. I was successful at changing assigned stadiums though.
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    Weird graphics in night games...

    It happens in smaller stadiums too. Since it does not happen with rain then it should be a semi-easy fix I would think. Rain Environment settings must have the floodlight feature disabled or something. This does not necessarily mean that the lights would seem to be off at night games but the...
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    Stadium ID´s ?

    Yeah right. Already Carlos*ed up my FIFA that way. 3X including with new version. Just wait and see. I actually am using UniDB now which does just enough to make me happy without causing crashes.
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    Edit FIFA 2005 database with UniDB @

    Got this error trying to convert eng.db I assume this is where eng language files are to edit team names...Right?? Please help. "The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data."
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    Stadium ID´s ?

    Yeah. I need one too. Anyone???
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    Changing stadium defaults

    COOOL> I just downloaded it and accessed the .db file. As long as one has the lists of teams, stadia and their numbers then it will be easy. THANKS!
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    Changing stadium defaults

    Forgive me if someone already covered this. I did a search but to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that Creation Center will only Carlos up my FIFA so I need some advice. What is an EASY way to edit the default stadia for each team. For example, Dynamo Dresden has a default stadium with...