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    how to buy career mode pack via fifa store

    I found my way to the FIFA Store on Origin yesterday while playing on the PC. I reached the limit of user-created teams and a pop-up told me I could extend the limits by buying the serious editor pack in the store. I think you need to press the Y button on the controller while in-game at the...
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    how to buy career mode pack via fifa store

    Where does a PC user purchase the Serious Editor Pack? I've looked everywhere and I can't find it on the web or in-game. Premium Content All our premium content is new to FIFA 12 Creation Centre and can be accessed by obtaining appropriate Creation Centre Packs from the FIFA Store (Xbox...
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    MLS Manager Mode in FIFA11 - Still shallow?

    If anyone is playing manager mode with an MLS club could you please tell me whether they have included Superliga (MLS vs FMF) or the Concacaf Champions League? Many thanks!
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    Finale Version Fifa10-PC

    Maybe I'm just getting old but has there ever been a more annoying complaint about an esthetic of the FIFA series as the "oh noes, teh game has no untucked shirtz!!!!" whine? I used to think the folks that obsessed over having the correct boots depicted in the game were the most obnoxious FIFA...
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    Adding Kits in Manager Editor(09)

    Remember to delete the Alpha Channel.
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    Kit Request

    Look in the FIFA 09 forum here.
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    What's with that goalie?

    I have the exact opposite problem with goalkeepers. The gk will sit on his line if the ball doesn't make it all the way into the box allowing the opposing strikers to race onto the ball.
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    KDM 09 - The Kit design made easy

    Thanks Rinaldo! I don't play FIFA as much as I used to because I play a lot more FIFA Manager and this tool is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks again. Cheers.
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    The CM08 thread

    Try right-clicking on the icon and selecting 'Run As Administrator'
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    The CM08 thread

    I can't get it to install properly on Vista 64. It says it finishes and places a icon on the desktop but I can't get it to run. Any suggestions? With the FIFA Manager 08 editor I have to select "Run As Administrator" to get it to work properly. (Tried that, no luck)
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    FIFA MASTER 08 - Development plan

    I think Radiohead's experiment with their latest album gives a clue to how many people will actually make a donation to Rinaldo for his work. If Rinaldo allows people to determine if they will donate and how much he will quickly realize that most people, left unchecked, are freeloaders.
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    FIFA MASTER 08 - Development plan

    I think Rinaldo is perfectly justified in his proposal and the quality of his work is fantastic. I will gladly pay $5-$10 for a fully functional editor to tailor the game to my preferences. FIFA is the only game I truly play year round and less than a buck a month to keep it updated and fresh...
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    FIFA 07 runs very laggy in Vista

    I noticed a huge performance difference by disabling SLI for FIFA 07.
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    FIFA 07 runs very laggy in Vista

    I just upgraded to a system similar to yours - Vista 64 Home Premium, AMD 64 6000+ 3GHz, (2x) ASUS GeForce 8800GTS, 2GB memory and FIFA 07 is a mixed bag. The menus are slower and have an unstable feel to them, though I haven't experienced a crash yet. The game engine and cutscenes run fine at...
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    Need a new video card - which should I buy?

    I ended up ordering the Radeon after reading through the reviews.