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    2010 FIFA World Cup conversion

    No, I checked, all teams that have alternative kits (2009 season kits)
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    2010 FIFA World Cup conversion

    Away alternate kits have wrong numbers and color. Its different than in CreationMaster. How to fix it?
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    New Faces Converted [tokke001]

    How to use new generic faces at original FIFA11? I put them in generic folder at head, hair, faces folder. But faces incorrect displayed in modified CM (new heads not working and faces with teeth on ears)
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    New Faces Converted [tokke001]

    This facepack contains only 100 faces from FIFA Online 3 season 2017 (Impact engine). But where other 333 faces from FIFA Online 3 season 2015 (FIFA11 engine)?
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    [Collection faces] Fifa online 3 Starheads of Seasons (FF11 engine)

    Griezmann 14WC hair is black ingame
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    2020-21 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Please, convert also these faces:
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    Programs & Files [tokke001]

    Hello everyone! Has anyone exported faces with IDs from Fifa Online 4? I have latest FO4 data files (version for Russia), there many new faces, including russian clubs players. I may upload .big files if someone needs.
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    New Faces Converted [tokke001]

    Also, please, add Gaitan face from Fifa 20. It's missing at Fifa 21
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    FIFA Converter (Models & Textures)

    any news for face converting?
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    2019-20 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    When will it be possible to convert FIFA 14 faces to FIFA 11 with your FIFA Model Converter tool?
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    FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14,16

    Anybody know how to convert faces from fifa 14 to fifa 11?
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    17 Faces In 11

    Somebody know how to convert faces from fifa 19 to fifa 11? Anyway, there is a way how to do it.