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    Your PC Setup for PES 2008

    Do you not have any lag playing on high?as I have 1,5ram and a Geforce 7600 GT and when I play on high it lags a lot :S If you do not have any lag can you tell me if you have modified anything on your graphic card settings? Kind regards ;)
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    Your PC Setup for PES 2008

    P4 - 3,2ghz - Windows Xp 1,5 DDR Nvidia 7600 GT Runs near to perfect with following settings: Medium - Wait for Vsync + Use frame skipping ON Graphic card settings: Screen refresh rate 60hz all the rest set to default
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    OK here is my problem...

    the best thing you should do before spending (as consoles are expensive) is finding a friend who has xbox360/ps3 and TEST fifa test,i don't just mean one match, but a whole load of matches and all the menus. ;)
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    PES 2008 pc version...

    yep...if you want to make the most of editing on pes then u should by it on the pc and come regurlary on these great forums, home of many great editors
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    FIFA 2008 (360, PS3) vs. PES 2008 (360, PS3)

    i left fifa after playing fifa 1999... ever since the PES series have been the greatest joy.i still have not got the game but the demo, game reviews, forum people opinions,... tell me seems that i'm going to have to go back to fifa! :'( The demo of PES 2008 shocked me the way it's...
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    Scoring too easy? Getting High scores?

    indeed.even with less top players you can easily win a physical battle against a defender and dribble tons of players. PES used to be more of a game where tactics and teamwork were essential if you wanted to all you have to do is take a top player a la Ronaldinho,Henry,Ronaldo and...
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    PES2008 human vs human

    yeah but don't expect to beet inter with kopenhagen...would they in real life???probaly once in a life time...
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    eray090 faces

    Are you planning on realising a pack with all your great faces?
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    Honest opinion!

    Indeed as you say PES5 was not that good (up till pes5 i always played a year of pes until the day i could get my hands on the newest version.with pes5 i only played half a year then switched too Ages of the empire because i was hating pes5 so much.i even deleted it 3 months before...
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    157 PES6 STADIUMS for Stadiumserver

    my game crashes when trying to play or view this stadium:(ESP)A.Madrid - Vicente Calderon i've took it out for the mo until i can find a fix ;)
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    mIGUEL. | EPL Stadiums and Adboards, UEFA Champions League Adboards - PES6 |

    it would be great if somebody could make a few african stadiums :) such as the one for Ghana :chew:
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    157 PES6 STADIUMS for Stadiumserver

    it would be great if you could make seperate packs.a pack for the (ENG), a pack for the (SPA) and so on ;)
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    PES6 Stadiums EPL/LFP

    Could you post the other leagues also in seperate folders please?
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    All 2006/07 Kits & Kitserver

    here is a forum with more than 10 OF... the choice is yours but i recommend you PESRevolution OF.... yes you will have to restart your master league... peace :jap:
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    O_sound patch!!!! V2 by jarod76

    tu pourais me noter ta playlist? :ewan: