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    Best rated players

    If you go into the Master League mode, you may search for the best players of each position. And it seems that, whatever the year is, the best players there (in Master League) are still the same. In other word, for example, Ronaldo would still be on the list of best strikers even when he is...
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    shooting control

    Hi, I'm new here. I wish I am not asking stupid questions in the wrong place. I've played the game for more than a year but still haven't figured out some subtle control for shooting. In the following I'll say E (east), S (south), W (west), N (north) for directions. A. When the player is...
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    How to create your own team?

    Are you playing the PS2 version of the game? You may just go to Edit.
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    How to get Schwarz

    I didn't turn on the Hidden Player option. But I still see Schwarz after a few years in the game. I'm playing with PES 2007 on a PS2.
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    [PS2] WEPES2007 Salmon Patch.

    Hello, are Parts B and C still online? I clicked the links but found nothing to download. And the web page there looked very different from that of Part A. Or, do I need to register on the website on that new page in order to download the files? Thanks!