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    ..:: UEFA EURO 08 FINALE Patch MODE ::..

    Nice! Downloading right now, Good and fast server!
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    ..:: UEFA EURO 08 FINALE Patch MODE ::..

    This song maybe?
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    Rest of the world 90s-Includes 26 teams

    No Helsingborgs IF?:S
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    ..:: UEFA EURO 08 FINALE Patch MODE ::..

    "This is a new MODE - independent with YOUR FIFA 08 (LIKE WORLD LEAGUE 07), so DON'T WORRY IT MAKES YOUR GAME MESSY !" Loving that!!! Great!
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    German Bundesliga 90s

    Plz, will there come Allsvenskan too?:Bow: plz send me both links ;) great job!
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    African Cup of Nations 2008 Thread

    Adama Tamboura against Razak Omotoyossi (in Mali-Benin) Both fantastic players in Helsingborgs IF!:shades:
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    Sebbe´s Faces (Level 08)

    Can you make Razak Omotoyossi (Helsingborgs IF)? One of the 3 topscorers in the Uefa Cup! Picture: Thx in advance!:D
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    SG United - Now released!

    Great Patch Myx! TY! And Silencer, my headers has never been my strong sideXD
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    Classic XI in Fifa

    Henrik Larsson.
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    Euro 2008

    Keep up the good work!:D
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    SG United - Be fun i promiss :D

    Would be cool with a real face;) hope it's not too much trouble though:p
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    Galatasarayli67's Faces

    Nice, can you make Daniel Andersson in Helsingborgs IF? I think you know who he is :clapwap: Hehe...
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    cannibal's patches

    Idd, good work!