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    I think your gameplay mod is fantastic!!!
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    Hi, when will you release your mod? Thanks
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    FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 9.0 --Support TU16

    Hi, sorry for disturb. I installed your mod but when I start the game, the game locked at choose language. Do yo know how to fix it? Thanks a lot
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    FIFA21 CPU vs CPU Mod (official update17 supported)

    Hi, can you update to Fifa update 18 please?
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    FIFA21 NAC 2.1 126 National teams

    Sorry for question, I download new mod now, I didn't see that
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    FIFA21 NACP2.1 Road to World Cup,Road to Euro Cup

    Hi Atom!!! Can you update this mod please?
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    FIFA21 NAC 2.1 126 National teams

    Thanks a lot for your work. It's possible update also NACP2.1 please? Thank you
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    Rest of Europe

    But can you send me a PM that I test your mod for the moment? Thanks a lot
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    Rest of Europe

    Hi, Thanks for your work. When do you release this mod? Thank you
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    Thank you very much for your work
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    Thank you very very much. How to install it ? I must insert in Frosty Mod Manager la FIP C and your fbmod files and after in game I load profile squads, it's correct?
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    Thanks a lot for your answer. OK I wait your edit. Tell me when you have completed it. Thank you very much
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    Hi, I download version 4.3. Installed Custom Version correctly, load squads file but if I want play Champions League kick off I don't find in Rest of World the new teams. Why? How to fix it? Thank you
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    Worldwide Football (Road to Euro 2020/Euro2020/Copa America 2020/Road To Qatar 2020)

    Hi!!! Crash me too!!! If I select more teams and I want save the tournament or after first match of euro cup crash!!! Can you help us please???? P.S. fantastic mod and I would play this mod without crash Thanks