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    Need help figuring out particular match

    Thanks Mikey, I found it. Man, I forgot how much Ronaldo controlled that game :icon_spin:
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    Need help figuring out particular match

    Right before the World Cup 98 draw in Marseilles, there was a match of legends before (or all-stars). It ended in a 6-4 result, I'm trying to find an article or video that shows proof that it took place because my friend doesn't believe me when I say one took place. I remember watching it on...
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    Real Madrid Thread 2009-2010

    Del Bosque was to Madrid as Wenger is to Arsenal. I'm still trying to figure out why he was fired.
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    Barca, best team of all time

    I'd argue the Ronaldinho/Rijkard era still tops the Messi/Pep era. Ronaldinho in his prime was like watching someone painting a masterpiece every game. Of course, I'm a fan of dribbling over passing.
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    What makes you love/enjoy football?

    I love what every other sport misses out on.
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    The Official Arsenal Thread [Season 2006/07]

    Malouda is a top notch winger that we need. I'm sure NumLock would agree.
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    Alexi Lalas just doesn't know when to shut up

    Perhaps I came across incorrectly. My point's that he can't justify to classify something as MLS as superior to the EPL just because of Beckham's arrival to the States or his other reasons. That's all. Sorry if I was directing that at Americans.
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    Alexi Lalas just doesn't know when to shut up

    Haven't been here in a while.. but my God, how does this comment come out of a person who hasn't even left their own country. Hmm ignorance? arrogance? feelings of superiority? That's why American soccer will never go far.. because they don't want to see the beauty of the game in other...
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    UEFA Champions League 2006-7 coming to 360?

    As the saying goes, the closer to reality you get, the more you tend to notice missing things. I think thats what one of the Eurogamer reviewers (Kristen Reed I believe) once said.
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    UEFA Champions League 2006-7 coming to 360?

    the music rocks but other than that it looks like the same thing as fifa 07. The night stadiums look better, shading looks cleaner, crowd unisonism is still there which makes the visual atmosphere blah, players do look better graphically, the squares of the nets look a little bigger than what...
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    Xbox 360 Tags

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    360 demo now avalible

    I love how unpredictable the ball is now and how frustrated I get when I lose the ball because tactically, over the years, previous FIFAs never emphasized like this one does the meaning of 'building up.' I've been playing it the whole weekend and to tell you the truth I love the ball physics...
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    UEFA Video On Demand

    They usually get uploaded a day after.
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    Exclusive FIFA 07 Juninho Renders ready to download!

    SlowSilver, I think in the pictures, the one on the left is last year's kit and the one on the right is this year's kit
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    Mourinho lashes out on Makelele

    It's not like you don't have other stars on the bench who can replace him though... it's just one player.