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    New Kits 2010/2011

    I believe it's the home kit, because they decided to change colourway on their home kit, as they have had previously
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    New Kits 2010/2011

    Actually AIK are not like the other swedish teams and have only one sponsor on the shirt(Y)
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    New Kits 2010/2011

    AIK Stockholm have presented their new homekit for the season
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    Confirmed Transfers

    Sebastian Eguren (Villarreal Cf) ---> AIK Stockholm (free)
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    All new boots coming out [56k users be aware! many/big pics!]

    I think Nike already have made it
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    New Kits 2009/2010

    Is it only me, or does Cristiano seem to have two different numbers on that pic?
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    Which player you hate most?

    I must say Tim Wiese and Mark van Bommel, they are horrible to watch.
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    Keegan's Next-Gen Boots

    no its not kit, its full body, and you just need to show the last part
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    el_gordito - boots & kits

    wow, great bootpack, hope to see more of these soon:D
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    PkBomb Next Gen Boots & Balls

    i disagree, they look really cool with that dirty look, perfect for lower league players ingame, cause thats how it is in reality:D
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    Keegan's Next-Gen Boots

    amazing boots as usual, Keegan:D
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    Keegan's Next-Gen Boots

    Keegan, have you seen the new F50.9 thats released on Really cool boots if you ask me:D
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    Serie a contract with EA

    yes, but fifa have contracts with some of the clubs. Same thing for Fifa with Premier League, where Pes have contracts with only one or two clubs a year.
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    RD86's Boots

    wihoo:D super boots:D does this mean that you will start making 09 boots now?:D
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    Keegan's Next-Gen Boots

    wow, simply amazing, but if you stop making boots, half the joy of playing the game goes away:S