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    PES7 Or Whatever There Going To call It

    Definetely a manager kinda gameplay would be appreciated! (like in FIFA2007) Besides, I'd like to see MAJOR improvements in the network part!!!!! Especially a way to NOT start a game after team selection (those lammers that are w8ing till the last second to pick Brazil or Inter when you picked...
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    why doesn't anyone answer this???? :(:(:(

    what problems are you referring too with the USB/PS2 adapter??? I have one of those, and for some reason even when unplugged there seems to be a continuos movement to the left... so I can't even get through the profile creation... :( i've tried uninstalling FIFA... no luck :S even if...
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    A editor for cm4!!!1 plz

    MCM4 is a good ingame editor... but the thing im looking is to be able to change money and wage properties during the game! :> Anyone know anything like that?? Thnkx in advance! :))
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    FIFA 2003 Tricks

    ABOUT VOLEYS AND HEADERS - TIP At least in World Class mode this works very good... IF the "star" above your player is lit, use the lob button so he can do a voley pass/lob. IF the "star" is not lit, then press the header button repeatedly (the last to press, gets possesion!) I...
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    Fifa 2004 wishlist

    agree... those feats would be really nice (soccer RPG?? not a bad idea at all, but it would require a lot of the developers... maybe a new independent game... ala "Final Fantasy Soccer" :p) anyway... the gameplay is still WAY too scripted... the defenders running towards the center field...
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    Fifa 2004 wishlist

    Agree!! =) The reason why i listed these wishes only is that i have been reading a lot of posts all over the forum and most of the gameplay ones have already been requested (better skills, player movement, tactics, etc...) and i didn't want to repeat them... i know there are already some...
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    Fifa 2004 wishlist

    There are some few improvements and addons i'd like to see in fifa2k2: 1. Get the rights for the Portuguese SuperLeague plzzzzzzz!!!!:f***: We portuguese love fifa, but we're sad we haven't seen our league in it for the last 4 years now!! :/ 2. I'm tired of getting caught on counter attack...