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    What does your team need from the transfer market?

    a good central defender for america (mexico)
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    What would be your dream team?

    guardado on the right? that's like playing with ten players :P, swap CR and guardado ;)
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    Rumours Center

    Guillermo Ochoa (America) ----> Ajax
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    New Zealand

    is this thread old? 22-08-1999, 10:23:AM lol
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    CONCAChampions Tournament

    i think is earlier...i think mid 2008
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    OFFICIAL Transfers 2007-2008

    Andres Guardado (Atlas) ----> PSV The president made it official that they accepted PSV's offer
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    Rumours Center

    Nery Castillo (Olympiakos) -----> Chelsea, 2 Spanish Teams and 1 Italian Team. All declared by his dad, who is also his representative
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    Rumours Center

    Forlan (Villareal) ======> Atletico de Madrid Riquelme (Villareal/Boca) =======> Atletico de Madrid Atletico de Madrid is paying 30 Million for both
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    Enzo Zidane (Y)

    i wasn't impressed at all, those are things that young players now can do all over the world, but i hope he would turn to be a great player just to see another zidane :D
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    OFFICIAL Transfers 2007-2008

    Federico "Pocho" Insua (Burussia M'gladbach) --> America (MEX) (Around 4M euros for him) Lucas Castroman (Velez Sarsfield) --> America (MEX) (Around 3M dollars for him)
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    New Kits 2007/2008

    the jersey look like a fifa minikit :P
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    Rumours Center

    Roger (Corinthians) -------> America (MEX)
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    Rumours Center

    i believe klose is going to bayern
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    New Kits 2007/2008