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    Patch Faces Fifa 22 (rx3 to fbx)

    Hi. Can you please describe in more detail how to convert faces rx3 to fbx?
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    Need Help to make face

    How fix it? I don't understand, I add, remove new UV Maps, but nothing changes
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    Need Help to make face

    Сan you give more details?
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    Need Help to make face

    Hi! Does anyone know how to fix this bug?
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    Patch Faces Fifa 22 (rx3 to fbx)

    Hi everyone. Are there any news?
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    How to convert faces PES to FIFA?

    Is it possible to convert faces PES to FIFA? In this video something did it Beckham's face from PES 2019
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    [Request] Since Frosty Editor got updated, please do a Face Tutorial for FIFA20

    Here tutorial how to export and import head mesh, but tutorial is in russian. making 3d head on blender like 16 or 15
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    Help. Problem with hair

    I have problem with hair when i import a hair. How this fix? Sorry my english:) P.s: in FIFA 19
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    [email protected]'s Faces

    when release all faces???
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    FIFA 15 Face Archive

    new links international facepack vol.1 by ivo international facepack vol.2 by ivo international facepack vol.3 by ivo
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    ajnapivo89's Faces

    +5 Lass Bangoura. When release Teixeira?
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    HoppyJoe's Faces

    thank you very much. great faces, and you have a cool site
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    CrazyRabbit's Faces

    Where to download rafinha face?
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    Halilyc's Faces

    thanks:wootman: great faces
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    Halilyc's Faces

    How download your faces?