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Fidel Gameplay
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  • Hi Fidel,
    I need your help. I've been trying all day to load the FIFA 19 DB into Creation Master. Would you please be able to let me know how you did it? I know you probably get a ton of questions but it would really mean a lot if you could help me out. Thank you so much!
    Hello Fidel,
    i have an question. Could you explain how you edited the AudioMixer (for chants, reaction, loops etc.) in Frosty? I cant figure it out how to manipulate the values (is there an .ini or something?). Some tips would be nice from you! Congrats and great work!
    Hi bro, i want ask some question
    How to change lod player in gameplay pes 2018 & fifa 17?
    And how to use under 1280x720 resolution in pes 2018 & fifa 17?
    I need stable fps :(

    My spec
    Core i5
    Ram 4gb
    Vga gt 720m

    Thanks before, i hope you have solution for me
    To playing that games with stable fps
    hello Fidel greetings from Cuba I admire your work is incredible, I wanted to tell you that here in Cuba there is no way to get the original games and if that were the salary of most of this country is 20 dollars, if you could help me and send me the FAES19 PACK_1 .0 the project
    Hello please tell me how edit scoreboards and popups ı making a new patch for fifa 19 help me
    Hello, is it possible to change the transfer budget for clubs through the RDBM program? FIFA 19. If possible,could you give a video instruction?
    Other team's don't have trnasfer budgets
    Hi. I love your mods. I have a few questions. Are you going to release pro cam mod? Why we can't set half time lenght 45 minute? I'm looking forward to the answers. Thanks.
    to boda: for 17 avatar body players I've released in the past you must edit an array of bytes,
    but now you can easy edit with frosty:

    I do not know how to do this as possible steps
    hi fidel... please i want to now how can edit fifa17 player body because i want increase the player height(in fifa18 the player more height -Body length)... you did it like avatar
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