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    Now everyone wants to use Patreon to do money. I'm against it. As old school modder i think mods...

    Now everyone wants to use Patreon to do money. I'm against it. As old school modder i think mods should be for free, even if it cost us time
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    Pedrito's AGPE DB Tactical Version

    Instead to do a mod of a mod, why don't try to join forces together?
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    Obscure Open Source Football Game: Gameplay Football

    Doubt that a porting to Unreal Engine will be easy to do. BTW I'm working on original game.
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    tell me

    tell me
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    Gameplayzed Save Squads

    Preparing something for FIFA 19. The base is very good.
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    FIFA 18 - Save Editing Thread

    Interesting. This is the type of thread that i like. About CRC is the standard CRC32 algorithm or a custom one? Have you tried to use all 0 as CRC? This sound strange but there is a possibility that it work.
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    CG File Explorer 18

    It work. From my point of view is a masterclass release. Really. So much work you put into it. I can see it. A hug to @shawminator !
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    Gameplayzed Save Squads

    I've downloaded the dlc but i haven't played it or studied the new structure.
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    Mancini Appointed Italy Head Coach

    yeah, we can change the coach but not the results.... :(
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    Gameplayzed Save Squads RELEASE 8.0 Human gameplayfication
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    CG File Explorer 18

    Yes, I gave him the codes for players and team traits three months ago and two weeks ago he asked me some explanations on them.
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    Gameplayzed Save Squads

    BETA 7.4 Premessa: Last EA patch has made the gameplay worse, so i'm trying to make it better. Also i'm trying to move some sliders behaviour into the squad file. I raised the defenses and shortened the lines...
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    CG File Explorer 18

    He is still working on to complete it. Release a software is not simple. He have to check that everything is working perfectly. Just to make it clear, he started without to know how is the Fifa structure, he had to explore, to try, to do some analysis and so on... and he had done all these...
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    Gameplayzed Save Squads

    Here my DB Notes on team traits, player traits and player instruction code. Please if you use it in your db at least mention me (cause i've spent much time to decode this) :D TEAMS TRAIT1 # 1 Impatient Board # 2 Loyal Board # 4 Squad Rotation # 8 Consistent Layout # 16 Switch wingers # 32...
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    i don't have it.sorry.

    i don't have it.sorry.