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    afwan's Faces

    Nice faces man!
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    Halilyc's Faces

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    karron97's Faces (WWTFM)

    Looks great man!
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    Fox's Faces

    I won't promise anything, but I will consider it.
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    Fox's Faces

    Probably not.. who'd you have in mind?
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    Fox's Faces

    Scraped, I couldn't get it how I wanted it. aNuke's is the better option anyways.
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    Fox's Faces

    I like how you think :p But my answer is a firm I don't know.. I might for fun I guess.
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    JY's Editing

    Looks very good!
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM) Congrats on two years! :)
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    Fox's Faces

    .. Whether you understand or not is not my concern. I'm not obliged to make faces at the demand of people like you. I'll make what I want, and you can use it if you want. So be somewhat productive here and offer feedback, or piss off.
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    Fox's Faces

    More updates../ Any comments? I think it's nearly final but I'd like some input/opinions if anything needs changing.
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    Fox's Faces

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    Fox's Faces

    Thanks guys :) Just have to make the hair and fix one or two things and it's final.
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    Fox's Faces

    Thanks for the comments guys :) I know there are already a few good Rashfords out there, but I made my own for fun based off DAMN's model with parts of anuke's texture. Have to adjust the chin a little. Credit to DAMN for base model and anuke for base texture.
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    Vladimir_Ukr's Faces

    Nice work mate!