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    How to build stadiums?

    I did it in blender, appending stadium dressings from other stadiums and placing it in the new stadium, working good but needs a bit of work.
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    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    Yeah happened to a lot of poeple, including me. I think the game sees it as a goalkeeper handball outside the box, doesn't take in account ist outside the field also so the games logic: goalkeeper handball oustide the box=foul=penalty because happened "very close to the penalty box". Another...
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    Black's aka $ido's Stadiums

    OMG what a gem! At first i thought it was pictures of the real stadium.
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    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    I reworked Philadelphia Union stadium based on Humberto's great conversion of the Gold lake Stadium. In carreer mod, i noticed a glitch: slc (stewards, photographers) were standing on the pitch while the game was on (see attached pic). I also duplicated and added some buildings behind the away...
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    The Wizard's Stadiums - Season 2021/2022 - Mercedes-Benz Arena Update RELEASED

    Great update! A top looking arena for Wirtz, Diaby, Schick and co.
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    saul.silva's stadiums

    Thanks for paying attention to asian football in Fifa! Btw your stadiums are gems, great quality!
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    My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

    Ok great so here are the full crowd files for Napoli's stadium,tested ingame : What a quality for this stadium, it looks incredible ingame! I like realism like you Raven and your version is perfect for the Seria A imo. But...
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    My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

    If Raven is ok with it, those who want full crowd for the teams playing usualy in the european cup can send me the stadium files, i will do it in blender. It's a fast process (reassinging vertex groups) but i will only do it if Raven is ok with it, as its his work.
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    Kingmuro's Stadiums - Bloomfield Stadium release

    Looks wonderful. What stadium is it?
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    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    As said a version of the Gold Lake Stadium for the MLS team Philadelphia Union:
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    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    Yeah or Philadelphia with the bridge. Half of the crowds are almost done. I will do a crowd version with neutral seat color and one for Philadelphia union too.
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V5.1 (21/22 Edition)

    Look at Robson's post, he screenshoted it. And you have to do it for each competition, unless you do it with this line at the begin of the settings file: 0,rule_numsubsmatch,5. It should change the number of subs for all career competitions but i never tested it, so im not completly sure of the...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V5.1 (21/22 Edition)

    Did you restart a new career? Not sure its taken in account in an ongoing career. Or maybe only in the next season, when the program is generating the new season. Did you also try to change this line at the begin of the file: 0,rule_numsubsmatch,3 (it will change the number of subs for all...