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    [P+R] Croatia vs. England

    And he could cross a f"cking ball!
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    A tune me and my friend recorded...

    Cheers for listening, meh it was only meant as a bit o fun. I tried to get a similar style to fun lovin criminals with it. Maroon 5? haha, what a compliment... Anyway, you can get a direct d/l here if you want it : Download!!!!
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    A tune me and my friend recorded...

    Me and my mate recorded this a few days back, a bit of a latin bossanova track, see what you think! Note, this is all original work.. I even wrote the lyrics.. (so if they are lame...) Clicky Here! Warning, at the end there is some swearing, but only the last line
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    Well he actually injured himself whilst running and fell because of it. If you watch the reply he winces and his leg buckles, so it wasn't actually a dive. I'm a Man Utd fan but the penalty decision was a disgrace, isn't this ref part of the refeering elite as well? It just gets worse...
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    Good team selection, one problem though we have no scholes which you seemed to have mentioned already.. :p I'd rather have fletcher in the middle with Carrick due to his 'engine'. Giggs would be better deployed on the wing where he has been showing his class the past few games.
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    I still don't understand why SAF doesn't use him in the centre of midfield where he was excellent for PSV especially against AC Milan. I think even SAF underrates him.
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    Well all that prostitute talk has obviously riled Mr. Hargreaves. This from uk: Its getting closer, i can almost smell it..
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    Well done Gerrard... From Good ol' Gerrard eh, making sure he says what all the English fans want to hear. Just as long as it sells his book. This remember is the same tw*t that said he'd never dive and have 'serious' words with his team mates if they dived, he even tried it...
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    What happens when you try and fit 25 week coursework into 4 days solid work...

    I haven't slept in 25 hours now, and for about 24 of those ive been looking at a f*cking computer screen trying to get this work done... Now I've finally snapped, I was just looking at Tom's Emma Watson sig and i thought it was a gif and she was winking at me... Dear god... Let me...
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - how do you rate them?

    It was meant to be sarcastic, obviously since BSSM they have become commercial which is why I like their older stuff. Space is king.. ... or so I sing...
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - how do you rate them?

    I'm a big Chili's fan but I swing towards the older stuff as its a bit more funkah and im more into that. I just got the new album and although good, i think that 28 tracks was a bit excessive. They seem to have swayed through a variety of genres and thats good, but there's just too many...
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    Luis Garcia - dirty rotten bastarding cheat.

    Jesus christ... And I thought owen was bad at it. He should "have a word" with himself. Its embarrasing.
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    Happy with the result, but the centre of our midfield is still so shaky, we were very lucky to win that match. Spurs had most of the possession and squandered a lot of their chances..thankfully. Ronaldo was brilliant today, some of the passes he made were fantastic, but he did start to fade...
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    V for Vendetta

    Uhh, that film was poor. Some good action scenes but the rest was boring as sh*te. Hugo Weaving needs to learn how to read Shakespeare properly and not just babble it constantly.. (the intro bit, Jesus Christ!) And the voice of Natalie Portman grated and grated and grated throughout, how the...
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    A special kit request..

    I was wondering whether anyone could do the England Grey kit from Euro 96 for me at all, it doesnt need to be too detailed. I need it for a Pro Evo music video that im in the process of making.. cheers.