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    [PES2008] Kitserver 7.4.0 rel.: 11th Aug 08

    i turned off the User account protection and it fixed the problem. It has something to do with playing with a nonadministrator account. It doesnt properly work until i disable UAP in Vista. Does afsio.dll has direct access to the harddrive ?
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    [PES2008] Kitserver 7.4.0 rel.: 11th Aug 08

    hey man, thanks for your time and effort for bringing us the kitserver but a little problem Im just deleting the old folder of kitserver and copying the new one over. But for some reason when i go to setup in the new kitserver folder. It shows "installed" already. Little weird.
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    [PES2008] Kitserver 7.4.0 rel.: 11th Aug 08

    afsio.dll doesnt work. It says its not installed correctly and restart. Older version of kitserver works fine. Im on vista x64 with 4gb of memory
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    Champions League - Last Sixteen - 2007/2008

    Bow down to the new king. They have shown sevilla how a real champ plays like.
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    Konami must die

    this is why you only download the game and not buy it. Its garbage. No improvements, AI is actually stupider now.
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    PC DEMO first impressions

    those graphics looks awesome. I wonder if i can play it on highest settings with my x1900xtx.
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    MMMS file ?

    did anyone hear or know about this file ? Im not exactly sure what it is. Im assuming it is some kinda of a edit or option file for internet play. I saw some very high rank players exchanging these files over msn for PES6. It might not be true im just checking to see if anyone knows.
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    Monitor Tearing with PES6

    You are right it is junk. I installed ATT now with the 7.2 display drivers only. Set an individual profile for pes6 and with vysnc on i still get the same problem. I dont know what it is. I think my monitor on 1600x1200 doesnt like PES.
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    PES 6 Unstable

    I have superpatch installed and mine never freezes upon exiting. That must be due to your graphics drivers. I would look into doing a clean reintall or updating them.
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    Monitor Tearing with PES6

    No no vista and ATT doesnt work with most of the recent drivers. I do not know why PES forces Vsync off. Its kind of weird because it worked good for a month no problems and all of a sudden Vsync is off on its own again. This time Ati Control Center cant force it on.
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    Monitor Tearing with PES6

    Pes6 is the only game i get tearing on the screen with. It looks like screen has a distorted line in the middle. Kind of like two separate pictures. I have a Ati x1900xtx running on a 21 inch CRT monitor at 1600x1200 at 60mhz refresh rate. When i enable V-sync it used to get rid of this...
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    Pro Evolution Soccer - Better support for PC!

    if you can accept the fact that konami is one of the cheapest developers outthere you can live with the little nick nacks. Dont expect innovative design from konami, dont expect better servers and most of all do not expect support from them. This company is only determined to sell as many...
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    DkZ studio 0.92 problem

    i have the same problem. 092beta version is useless. .91 you have to locate the text and sound file manually.
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    PES6PC Superpatch v0.1 REALEASED!

    somewhat.. could be kitserver as well, not sure yet. One thing for sure tho i have to click my PES6.exe few times to get it to fire up. It crashes before start . I think it has to warm up first :)
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    Updated Transfers Patch for Online Play

    Laz im going to report you to konami!! lol By the way there is a mistake with Galatasaray having Dhorasoo. As far as what i saw yesterday in the game he doesnt play for Galatasaray lol.